What is Stewardship?

  • A Way of Life – A spirituality for followers of Jesus

  • Stewardship looks at our priorities – What is most important?

  • Recognizes that everything we have is from God.

  • As Christians, we Give thanks to God for all He has given us.

  • We cultivate and use our God-given gifts responsibly.

  • We share our gifts lovingly and in justice with others.

  • We return our gifts (with increase) to God.

  • Stewardship is what we say and do after we say, “I Believe.”

  • We renew our faith. We make commitments. We take a step.

  • Stewardship becomes a way of life.

  • Stewardship becomes a way of Living In Faith Everyday.

What are some of the Gifts God has given you?

  • your family, friends, your possessions, the earth, love, your very life, etc.

In what ways do you take care of the many Gifts God has given you?

How do you share your Gifts with others?

Opportunities to Live Stewardship here at St. Peter the Apostle

  • Visit the Ministries page and think about how you can share your time and talents with your parish.

  • Think about how you can offer your time and talents to your community. (Soup Kitchen, The Childhood Diabetes Foundation, Auxiliary Police, Fire Department, Keep Islip Clean.)

  • Share your treasure with your parish and community.  To make a weekly donation or a one time donation click the Faith Direct button below. It’s safe and convenient. Most of all, you will be giving back to God financially, thus continuing the mission of his Church through support of St. Peter the Apostle.